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Trip to Krk

Trip to Krk

National park "Krka" covers an area of ​​the Krka River, which flows through the deep and picturesque canyon 75 km long, forming a heavy waterfalls: Bilušića buk, Miljacka, Brljan, Rošnjak, Manojlovački slap, Roski and famous Skradinski buk (Niagara Falls - 46 m ), which is the largest travertine barriers in Europe.

The National Park Krka is characterized by two cultural-historical monuments: the Franciscan monastery on the island Visovac and Krka Monastery. Visovac is located the office of river Krka, where green water opened a karst plateau creating a harmonious blend of natural and historic heritage. Surrounded by hills and beautiful plateau Miljevac rupskim field, as farmers struggled to combine the beauty of the blue wing of its lake, defying the storms of historical events through the centuries. Alluring, charming cliff in the abundance of nature, by monks centuries of hard work turned into an island full of trees, colorful flowers, fruits and vegetables, and attracts tourists.

The documents are first mentioned in 14th century. Around the 1445th The Franciscans were settled on this island, expanded and engaged in science and education, built a monastery and church of the 1576thyear, which is converted in the 18th century.

Virgin river, is pure magic with 7 waterfalls, springs near Knin, in two-thirds of its length runs through canyons. Extremely rich in endemic flora and fauna, with 222 bird species. Mills along the river and the waterfalls, ruins of defensive fortifications over the canyon, above the picturesque estuary Čikole Skradinski noise are specific river landscapes. Krka River Estuary, Lake Prukljansko reaches Skradinski noise, 23.5 km long, rich shellfish, freshwater and marine fish. At the lake Visovačko Roski slap and Skradinski noise (13 km) is the island - a Franciscan monastery in an idyllic park with a long cultural history. Manastir Krka (Arhanđelovac) is the enlargement of the canyon Kistanje. Quiet lakes and rivers are ideal for touring kayaks and canoes, but they need a special permit.

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